To My True Love

I’ve waited a lifetime for you
I’ve searched the whole world over,
Looking for your love.
Some days I never thought I’d find you

And I wanted to give up
So many other faces, so many wrong embraces
Trying to find one heart that felt like home to me.

None of them could ever compare to you love,
You are my strength, my joy.
You give me comfort from the storm
You make me smile on cloudy days
You keep me safe and warm.

I would be so lost without you,
Your love is so pure and true
Your heart, so beautiful and kind
Because you’ve walked that long, lonely road
That made you who you are (mine!).

I know it’s been a hard long journey
And it may get harder still
But together we can lift each other
Our strength will get us through
I’ll never give up; I’ll never give in
As long as I have you.

When I look into your eyes
I know that love is real
When you hold me in your arms love,
Nothing else compares
Let me lay here with you forever
And gaze at your beautiful face
And dream of our life together
Lost in your embrace.


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